Black Lion

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Burning Stone, the wizard city of flame, has fallen. Betrayal opened the way for demons to come and rip out its heart. Before the long night is done the demons will make the city theirs. A new Necropolis to plague the world. 

Alone and without magic, two wizards born of Burning Stone make their way through the blood-soaked labyrinthine streets and staring corpses. A young girl desperately searching for her mother and a man in black who’s come to bring the city peace. Stalked by unseen evil their time is running. Running out to escape, running out to make the stones Burn.


Taking off at a run, the Harrower darted down one alleyway then another and another. The route was as clear to him as the way to his family home. While he ran, the demon's presence skittered across his mind as it hunted him. Fractured bodies closing in from every direction.

Hopping one last wall, the Harrower landed in the huge back yard of a smith's shop. Tough, stained the glass windows were still green and the flowerbeds bright. 

The Harrower took in but ignored the small details barely visible in the light of an orange emergency lantern. Other things demanded his attention. The gemelo demon had followed and now climbed over the garden wall.

Six of them appeared from all directions, one perched on the roof of the house behind him. They looked like green and tan badgers the size of bears. Claws like spades extended themselves toward him and their breath smoked as it rasped in bone dry throats. The Harrower could smell the combustible stench across the garden even through his helmet. Whatever that thing had in its gullet he didn't want any part of it.

Sheathing his sword at his hip, the Harrower flicked his hand over a panel on the back of his belt. Time to change weapons. A spear came into his hands, appearing from thin air. The black haft of a spear spun out of nowhere as he fell into a defensive stance. The black spearhead moved like quicksilver as formed and reformed its shape with every swing. Sliding down the black shaft it could appear on the butt end as likely as the head. 

The Hydra Spear, one of the twelve weapons all Harrowers had to master. A good weapon for fighting enemies coming in from every direction.

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
16 de agosto
Sketchbook Publishing
Ignacio Vladimir Duran

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