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Become a Confident Guru of Public Speaking, Advance Your Career, and Improve Your Personal Life Using Your Body Language

Do you have a colleague in the workplace who everybody listens to when he/she walks into a room?

Or, perhaps, you have a friend that commands the attention and makes you feel invisible?

Have you always struggled with public speaking and envied people that can capture the attention of the whole auditorium?

If the answer to these questions is YES, the chance is you're projecting a wrong image of yourself by not using your body language properly.

Nonverbal communication is undeniably a huge part of any communication process. It refers to body language or nonverbal signs your body sends to whomever you're speaking too. The good news is, nonverbal language is like any other language which means it can be taught. This book will transform the way you act and react with your body, improve your confidence and make you a master of public speaking.

You've probably heard many times someone being described as charismatic. While some people truly are naturally charismatic, the idea that you have to be born with it couldn't be further from the truth. Charisma is a personality trait, and it can be mastered through different techniques and exercises that involve using body language, sending right signals with your movement, facial expressions and the tone of your voice.

Controlling your body language is important. But how would you like to be able to recognize when someone is being deceitful or lying to you? This book will develop your skills to read another's body language, analyze the person standing in front of you and correctly guess their intentions. The book provides you with a step-by-step guide for beginners, on how to inconspicuously perform a body scan of someone you're talking to, interpret their body language and detect lies and /or hidden meanings.

When you read this book you'll be able to:

Use body language to improve your confidence and upgrade your personality

Understand the science behind nonverbal communication

Control your emotional and physical reactions

Master your body's four main communicators

Use different techniques to master your body's nonverbal signs

Understand what message and signals you send with certain body movement

Read another's nonverbal signs and interpret them

Recognize common body language codes

Recognize when someone's lying to you

Incorporate body language practices in your daily routine

Master different ways to attract and command attention

Use your body language in public speaking events to capture the attention of everyone present

Communicate your needs and desires in a clear way by using nonverbal codes

Don't make a mistake believing that words you say are the only thing that matters to people around you. Humans are by nature visual beings, meaning we tend to judge on appearance, whether consciously or unconsciously. Speaking is a big part of a communication process, but not the only one. There are more ways than one to convey a message, and body language can help you strengthen and intensify the point you want to make.

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abril 1
Gerard Shaw
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