Comtesse De Havana: Where Angels Tread – Book III

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Renna Scot does not suffer fools, gallantly manages her Victorian estate outside of New York City, as well as many successful business concerns. Among her world are sidekick Gabriel, young, and as sweet as he is mischievous. Seth, her right hand, silent but intentional, grounding, but with his own past. Bella, Bella, Bella, beautiful actress, long time love – a bond sealed by many years of friendship, their shared past, passion. Wild Dove, her childhood friend, guide, and so much more. Renna, however, is an unconventional woman of many tastes, tends to juggle infatuations as a means of balancing her dedication, hard work, intensity – luckily her charm, or if it comes down to it, fierce independence, keep her a step ahead of most trifles. Enter Comtesse de Havana, a dark, mysterious traveler who instantly gets under skin, is not conditioned to the other’s carefully constructed world, or likely to bow to it the way others do. Their impossible attraction is immediate, though neither has any intention of admitting, or accepting it - as if they have a choice.

Book I – How Things Begin: can even Renna Scot’s calm cool hold out against a mysterious world traveller?

Book II – In For A Penny: is there safe ground between attraction and surrender?

Book III – Where Angels Tread: continues the tumultuous story of Renna Scot and the Comtesse de Havana past initial surrender into the calamity beyond. Can Renna settle into a new, much less ordered life with the fiery, still mysterious, still travelling Comtesse? And even if she does, will secrets revealed collapse their tenuous house of cards?

Note: Not for the faint of heart - delves into a dark, intense attraction, push/pull romance, wanders through unconventional predilections, occupations, in the challenging, sometimes harsh days of mid-1800s Victorian America.

Sample from Comtesse de Havana, Where Angels Tread, Book III:

I reminisce how Bella was there through the early days of Gabriel, him coming to live with me, helped smooth our way. But then my mind pivots. She seems to know of the recent rift, and the larger story as well - but does not seem shocked! I lurch to my feet, turn on her, “you knew?”

Moving eyes away, exhaling, “not the whole of it. Surely not the absolutes regarding that woman – ”

Will these betrayals never end? “But you know about him? His strangeness? His, his – habits?”

Her eyes are firm, strong, and as thoughtful sea-green as ever when they find me, “I had heard some things. And what with the rumors about your ‘guest’ – ” she says this last with more than a little disdain.

Right. An equation I might have calculated for myself, but chose to look past. “I suppose I have made something of a mess of my life.”

“I think trying to be happy shouldn’t be disregarded, even if there are pot-holes in the path.”

“Ah,” sharing what comes to mind, “as Pope might say - ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’.”

A tired Bella watches, “I prefer Mr. Tennyson, ‘tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all’ .”

Ficción y literatura
30 de marzo
R. Cane
Draft2Digital, LLC

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