Getting started with Electron.js

Here begins your roadmap in the development of desktop applications creating web apps with Node

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Electron.js is a web framework with which we can create cross-platform (non-native) desktop applications that work on Windows, MacOS and Linux, with a web wrapper using JavaScript, HTML and CSS and without the need for native development experience.

This book is for anyone who wants to start developing with Electron.js; No prior knowledge of other JavaScript frameworks is required, although you should know basic Node.js development, as well as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

For those who want to learn about the framework and create their first desktop applications.
For those people who want to learn something new, learn about a framework that doesn't have much documentation.
For people who want to improve a skill, want to grow as a developer, and want to continue to climb their path in web development.
For those who want to learn or improve a skill and with this, increase their chances of employment or to carry out a personal project.
This book has a total of 7 chapters and consists of explanations and practices:

We will give the first contact with Electron, creating a minimal application with which we will know the flow and basic structure of the framework and with this, know its possibilities.
We are going to know the key modules that Electron.js provides us in a more theoretical than practical way, therefore, when using them later, you will already have a reference to them.
We are going to create the bases of a chat type application, which, although it will not have real functionality, will allow us to experiment with some modules provided in the Electron API.
We are going to generate an application for production and with this, generate its executables.
We are going to create a basic text editor type application and with this, learn about the first integrations with Electron.js; the application will have options to customize the text in formats and save and open files.
We are going to create a To Do application or tasks, for it we will use Vue.js, Express.js, Axios and MySQL as main technologies in its development.
We are going to work in a better way with the development mode in the application, we will know how to configure the environment variables and packages to make the main process reload every time changes are started in said process.
The book is currently in development...

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