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Richard Hannay is the original mythic action hero. In him we see the origins of every Alfred Hitchcock and James Bond movie in which a man lays his life on the line, steeling himself for the final showdown with a pack of murderous saboteurs, enemy agents, and assorted other spies, and law enforcement villains.

Since its publication in 1916, Greenmantle has never been out of print. 

A ripping yarn by any standards, Greenmantle is set across two action-packed months during the First World War, a perfect follow-up to The 39 Steps. 

Richard Hannay is asked to undertake a secret mission to investigate a plot to create a holy war throughout the Muslim world and draw troops and resources from the Western Front. 

This time, Hannay’s mission is to the mysterious East. Hannay is on a desperate mission to prevent all of Islam from siding with Germany in the First World War.

Hannay must journey through war-torn Europe with only his three loyal friends, Peter Pienaar, John S Blenkiron and Sandy Arbuthnot, to help him as he unravels coded messages, escapes murderous mobs and tracks down the mysterious prophet who holds the key to everything—the mysterious figure known only as 'Greenmantle'.

JOHN BUCHAN (1875-1940) the bestselling author of numerous novels is one of the most respected writers of fiction. For sheer emotional force, few practitioners of narrative prose can equal him. His works have been translated into numerous languages and have been made into scores of movies.

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