Infinity to the Rescue Infinity to the Rescue

Infinity to the Rescue

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Descripción editorial

Celeste Sterling was about to graduate from university on the planet Isis. Instead, she ends up the obsession of a colonel in the security services of President Prescott.

Her shocking change in circumstances puts events into motion that place her in command of the Infinity. It’s a deep space rescue ship of awesome size meant to save travelers lost in space. Each of the three species in the galactic Trio Alliance receive one of these incredible vessels from the Givers, the mysterious super beings who have given space travel technology to select species.

The ship exists to perform peaceful missions, but its immense capabilities have made it a prize in the brewing conflict between human political factions. The existing government of President Prescott wants the Infinity controlled by loyalists whereas the Correctionists, led by the exiled Earth Fanatic Richard Roanoke, want its resources to support their rebellion.

When Roanoke escapes from death row on the planet Hexex, Celeste and the Infinity receive his call for rescue in deep space.

Now Celeste finds herself facing terrorism charges and fighting for her life in a galaxy where humans are divided between Prime Planets and Slum Planets.

She must try to avoid capture and challenge the terrorism charges lobbed against her by the Prescott regime. She places her hopes in the Galactic Court overseen by the three space-faring species of the Milky Way, but she has to get there first.

Infinity to the Rescue is an exciting space opera set hundreds of years in the future after humanity has colonized the stars. The story imagines a multi-planet civilization where humans have overcome their ecologically destructive habits but still cling to the old oppressive ways of ruling society.

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
1 de octubre
Tracy Falbe
Draft2Digital, LLC

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