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Marketing is the theory and practice of presenting, advertising and selling goods and services. Marketing organizes and directs all those business activities involved in assessing and converting customers' purchasing power into effective demand for a specific product.

It is in this lucid manner that this book will teach you marketing.

It clearly explains the sterling functions of marketing. They include buying, selling, warehousing, transporting, financing, and standardizing and grading of products.

It analyzes the components of marketing. They include identifying consumers’ needs, developing a product to satisfy the needs, selecting the target market for selling the product, and determining the profitable methods of selling the product.

It appraises the marketing mix. It throws light on the product, price, promotion and place as the four variables of marketing mix.

It evaluates the personal selling. It sheds light on the good and bad sides of personal selling.

It examines the public relations. It identifies the various media of public relations. They include the trade fairs, trade exhibitions, gifts, press conferences, seminars, feature articles and charitable activities.

It discusses the sales promotion. It analyzes the various media of sales promotion. They include gifts, discounts, free samples, pre-sales services and after-sales services.

It lays emphasis on the types of promotion. They include personal selling; public relations; sales promotion; trade fairs and exhibitions; and advertising in radio, television, newspaper, magazine, poster, handbill and internet.

It highlights the media of advertising like the radio, television, newspaper, magazine, poster, handbill, cinema, hoarding, direct mail, price list, free sample, window dressing, trade fair, trade exhibition, and internet.

And it explores the sterling role of marketing in a business unit.

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