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These women definitely get knocked up. Don't you want to find out how and why?

Oops! He Knocked Me Up!: Ashley's a super basketball fan. She's about to meet her favorite player, and so much more!

Ashley and Aaron end up on the kiss cam. Aaron acts like a fool, calling Ashley an attention whore for trying to coax a kiss out of her own boyfriend.

She needs to get revenge.

After more abuse from Aaron, Ashley storms off. Aaron nearly hits her, until she's pulled away... by her favorite basketball player. He takes her somewhere safe, and offers her a place in his own home.

But when she finds out that he's looking for more than just good karma, Ashley wonders if perhaps the deal is too good to be true.

Will she let Jamal get her pregnant? Will she end up begging for it in the end?

This story has a certified Happily Ever After!

Pregnant by the Billionaire: From homeless to pregnant. Could this billionaire's offer give Rachel a better life?

Rachel's husband was abusive.

When she ended up in a women's shelter, homeless and poor, she thought any chance of a good life was over.

But then Derrick Astor walked into her life. Rachel tried to ignore him. She knew someone like Derrick could never want her.

But he does. He wants her bad. He wants her to have his baby.

Will she accept his plan, or find herself homeless again?

Pregnant by the Pitcher: She has the money, but she's missing one thing. The star pitcher is willing to give it to her.

Audrey Lantz made her fortune on three things: hard work, brains, and letting people underestimate her.

Now, as she looks back on her life, she realizes that there's only one thing missing: a legacy to pass on.

Of course, not just any father will do, and there's nobody in her life, so she finds the best specimen she can:

Gary Carter is a star pitcher, and it's not hard to see why. He's powerful, tall, and as Audrey's about to learn, he knows how to take control of situations.

Will Audrey be able to go through with her plan? Will Gary be content calling it quits when he's given her what she wants? Or is Audrey about to get more than she bargained for?

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