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Michael's mother won the lottery. You'd think that spring break would be full of fun and excitement, But not for Mike and his sister, Lucy. They spent it packing and helping good old mom move them onto a farm. The wholesomeness of farm living is exactly what she wants for her kids. Mike thinks the whole thing is right out of a Ma and Pa Kettle ;movie, but it worked out for him.

He had the freedom he never had in town. Here he could indulge in his favorite pastime. Borrowing his sister's clothes. It was kind of neat having an older sister. If she had been a little sister, he’d have had to get into his mom's clothes. Her taste in clothes was too much the older generation. Lucy was just three years older than he. That made her clothes just about the right size. Especially the older ones. He discovered when he was still in third grade, that it was great fun wearing her clothes. He started out with panties. It was innocent enough.

His mom and dad had just separated. She was an emotional wreck. The laundry wasn’t being done as regular as it might. Pure and simple, he ran out of underwear. The logical solution for him was to borrow some from Lucy. His mom was in her room crying so he didn’t bother to ask. He just marched into Lucy’s room and borrowed them. He discovered that he liked them. So he just kept borrowing until the laundry got done. By then he was hooked. He began to borrow even when he still had clean underwear. Then, he needed pajamas. He borrowed again. That wasn’t as much fun. Her pajamas were cotton flannels like his. The real difference was her tops were pullover and the bottoms didn’t have a fly. Aside from a few ruffles here and there, there wasn’t that much difference.

The next time, he went for a nightgown. That was fun. It was knee length nylon. He remember it well and still likes it a lot. Although, she had a few that he liked better. It was kind of like a first love. You always have a special spot in your heart for the first. That nightie was powder blue and sleeveless. It had rose studded lace for straps that bent to trim the neckline. On her, it was knee length. On him it was mid-calf. He liked it so much; he wore it for two weeks, before he put it in the laundry. It’s a good thing that his mom spent most of her time crying or she may have noticed that the nightgown was considerably dirtier than Lucy would have gotten it. That was two years ago.

On the farm, he could go outside. He sure couldn’t do that in the city. But there, the house was far enough off the road so that passing cars couldn’t see unless they stopped right in front of the driveway. Since he went to middle school and she went to high school they rode different buses that had different schedules it gave him time to himself to don the frillies and wander around outside. OUTSIDE. What a thrill, the sun on his face, the breeze ruffling his skirt. Yeah, this was really living. And he got away with it, right up until the time his mother caught him at it… twice and then his sister caught him as well.

Having tried conventional punishments, mom resorted to trying to overload his inclination to dress as a girl. He's required to wear his sister's old clothes for an undetermined time. He's loving it right up until the girls from a neighboring farm join "Michelle" and Lucy at the swimming hole… The fun begins.

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Patricia Allen
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