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Join Annette , the first woman to drive solo around the planet , in a glorified delivery van called ‘The Wish Mobile.’ Share her experiences as she explores the caves of Slovenia. Swims in the crystal water of Croatia and nearly drives off the top of Mount Olympus in Greece. Leave the European continent behind, enter Turkey, Romania, Moldova and the Ukraine. Drive across the vast steppes of Southern Russia into Kazakhstan. Visit a Kazakh family in Cantui, a small village on the borders of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and China. Learn how to drink horse milk beer and have a banja, before camping in the Charyn Canyon under the silver full moon.

Travel with the author as she recognizes and overcomes fears and prejudices until in the deep silence of the Karakum desert, under a star filled sky, she discovers that we are not separate from each other and the universe. We are all part of the infinity of space and we all wish for the same things peace, love, and joy. Discover with the author that these things can only be found by exploring the silent unknown canyons of our minds and that in our minds there is everything we need to be happy and content.

"I thought I would just write a short note to say I am enjoying every moment of my journey with you. Sophia was particularly funny, you really do write well, I like your honest opinions and thoughts."--Jaqui Dingemans

"I started reading your book on the very night I bought it. It is "un-put-downable"!!! You are an inspiration to women, and to people in general, who think they couldn't possibly do something. I applaud your courage in taking on that challenge!
ps finished your book last night! Amazing!! I was kinda sad when it finished. What an adventure! I laughed so hard about your experiences in America..."Saadia

""My Year of beds". is a wonderfully fascinating book, so well written that I really seemed to travel with this courageous author and only came to realize, that I was fortunately sitting at home in comfort, when situations became a bit tight.The various countries and their people are described so well and accurately,as well as the beauty of nature .As I personally know some of the countries she went through I can vouch for its accuracy. An honest opinion in so many ways makes it a most valuable book for me."--Heike Gröger

"You are an amazing woman. I read the book in 5 days and am so sorry that I did not really get a chance to talk to you. What an experience you had and your descriptions of the places and people were wonderful."--Martha Crowder

" I felt I must let you know how much I loved your book. Reading each page I felt I was there with you. I experienced your frustrations and elation(s) when things went well. You saw so many different people in your travels; however, you saw a commonality that each person presented. We're all humans being! That's not a typo! I've recommended the book many."--Gene.

" Annette's insights and personal commentaries are gems. It as though you are a fellow passenger in the Wish Mobile. So good I almost starved to death and was also deprived of sleep. That's what the book does - You just cannot put it down."--Harold Carlson

"This is a fascinating narration of a most unusual journey by a very determined lady. Annette's sharp observation and refreshingly crisp description of her drive around the world is entertaining. What makes the narrative more than just another travelogue and an interesting read, is the disarming honesty and frankness with which she takes the reader along on her exploration of her own self as she journeys through different cultures."--Steffen Gentis

"Allow me to compliment you on both your command of the English language and your entertaining penwomanship. This, from someone who would normally discard a book if the hero detective is not already hot on the heels of the grisly serial killer in the opening paragraph of the first chapter, is praise indeed. "--Andrew Bush

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Annette Jahnel
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