Perils of a Courtesan

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Much has been written about the Countess du Barry, who was the Royal Mistress of King Louis XV for six years from 1769 until the monarch’s death in 1774. She was an extremely attractive but somewhat frivolous young woman, who reigned supreme in the royal court during those years.
She was born in 1743 in the French village of Vaucouleurs, and her baptismal name was Jeanette Becu. She was the illegitimate daughter of Anne Becu, a lowly seamstress who moved to Paris when Jeanette was about five years old.
At the age of eighteen, Jeanette was employed as a chambermaid in a wealthy household and later worked as a salesgirl in a milliner’s shop. However, she yearned for a better life and soon found more lucrative employment as a prostitute in a high class Paris brothel. She entertained clients in the brothel for four years before she met Count Jean du Barry, a rake, gambler and adventurer.
Count Jean, who was known as “The Roue”, earned a comfortable income by procuring attractive young girls for members of the aristocracy, and in 1768, he introduced Jeanette Becu to King Louis XV. The latter was instantly enchanted by the young blonde’s charm and beauty, and within a year she was officially installed in the French court as the Royal Mistress.
During her years as the King’s Favorite, many scandalous stories were spread about the Countess du Barry’s private life, some more or less true and some invented by enemies who wanted to destroy her.
After the King’s death, the Countess retired to a country mansion where she lived quietly until the outbreak of the French Revolution. Most of her life until that point had been one of comfort and luxury, but in the Reign of Terror that followed, she was accused of assisting the enemies of the state and sentenced to death.
In the present work, the author has attempted to provide a detailed account of Jeanette Becu’s life. The book describes her early years as a housemaid and shop girl, her career as a high class prostitute, her amorous intrigues as Royal Mistress of the French King, and finally, the last years of her life before she was dragged, screaming, to the guillotine.

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22 de octubre
Jack Falworth
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