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This ebook is purpose built and is proof-read and re-type set from the original to provide an outstanding experience of reflowing text for an ebook reader.
Waterloo Illustration Pack – 14 maps/battle plans, 18 portraits of the personalities engaged, 10 illustrations.
Of the many commentators of Napoleon and his campaigns, few if any have as much ground to claim to have understood the Emperor’s intentions as well as Jomini, who had served under him for over a decade. In this account of the Waterloo campaign, Jomini dissects the actions of all the commanders and their decisions as the action moves toward the actual battle on the 18th. As a Swiss, he avoids much of the bias of the French historical accounts (and some books since) written in the aftermath of the defeat, by evaluating Blücher, Wellington and Napoleon’s decisions critically.
A fascinating study of the 1815 campaign.
Of the Author — Jomini worked in staff positions for Marshal Ney prior to being attached to the Emperor’s own headquarters during the 1806 and 1807 campaigns. He was pushed out of the Grande Armée into the arms of the Russian service in 1813, becoming aide-de-camp to the Tzar. He was famous for his copious output of works on the military theory and strategy employed during the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, and even those of Frederick the Great. He is often remembered for his chef d’œuvre, the “Art of War”, and has been dubbed the “founder of modern strategy” by historian John Shy.
Title – The Political and Military History of the Campaign of Waterloo
Author — General Baron Antoine Henri de Jomini (1779-1869)
Translation — Captain S. V. Benet (1827-1895)
Text taken, whole and complete, from the edition published in 1853, New York, by Redfield.
Original – 229 pages.
Illustrations - The original maps cannot be provided with this edition due to its A3 size – We have added our Waterloo Illustration pack to ensure that the reader can follow the text.

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