Rhoda the Damsel

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Born mute, a baby girl is sold into slavery during the time of Christ. She grows up in Jericho and is not valued enough to be given a name. She is known as “the dumb girl”. Her yearning for a better life drives her to run away to Jerusalem. The 14 year old’s dream is soon shattered. Penniless, and with no voice to ask for help, she is ready to give up and return to Jericho. But, a fateful encounter with Dinah, in the temple courtyard, convinces her that God is watching over her.
Soon she is brought face-to-face with the miracle man from Galilee and is rewarded with a voice. Her innocent nature and beauty inspires a new name – Rhoda, which is Greek for “rose”. But the most precious gift she receives is the daily wonder of Jesus’ love.
Rhoda travels the country with Jesus and His followers during the last year of His ministry. Rhoda befriends the apostles Peter and Andrew, who become like brothers to her. And the faithful women followers take Rhoda under their wings. There is Mary, the sweet mother of Jesus, Salome, the ambitious, vibrant mother of James and John, Mary Magdalene, and many other distinctive women who teach Rhoda to serve and survive.
When Jesus continues onto Galilee, Rhoda chooses employment at Mary Levi’s home as a maid. The three grown children, along with four servants, fill the missing gaps in Rhoda’s orphaned life.
As Jesus’ journey comes to an end, Rhoda witnesses His last purpose-filled months of passionate teachings. After the horrific crucifixion, His resurrection, and His glorious ascension into heaven, Rhoda experiences the dawn of the church. It’s here that we come upon the recorded event in the Book of Acts. Peter has escaped from prison and is knocking at the locked gate. Rhoda, from sheer excitement at Peter’s voice, leaves him locked out on the dangerous street as she runs inside to tell the others. This is the girl we have come to love.
As she learns more about the church springing up around the world, Rhoda determines to use her talent for Jesus. She becomes a missionary; embarking on a sea voyage to the island of Cypress. This story is a two year journey into the life of the girl God loved so much, that He recorded her name and faithfulness in His Word for eternity.

Ficción y literatura
17 de octubre
Julie Harrison Wallace
Draft2Digital, LLC