Safe Movement for All Spines

A Guide to Spinal Anatomy and How to Work with 21 Spine and Hip Conditions

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A comprehensive resource for yoga teachers, pilates instructors, and movement therapists--exercises, ergonomic adjustments, and daily-living activities for back pain, scoliosis, disc disease, and 18 other spinal conditions

Safe Movement for All Spines is an essential guide for all movement therapists and teachers. With ready-made exercises and easy adaptations, yoga instructors, pilates teachers, and fitness instructors will learn:

How to distinguish among different common spinal pathologies and mechanical dysfunctions--plus appropriate interventions and adjustments for eachAll about osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, hypermobility syndromes, and moreGuidelines for appropriate movement and injury preventionHow to work safely and effectively with both pre- and post-surgical clientsTargeted programs for specific back-pain issues
Accessible and easy to understand, the lessons and practices from Safe Movement for All Spines are appropriate to share with clients practicing at home or in the studio. 

Each condition is clearly explained with detailed illustrations and real-life examples, making for an empowering and educating experience. An invaluable resource, Safe Movement for All Spines is an up-to-date must-have for every yoga or pilates teacher’s reference library.

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