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Henry was a very handsome man that the ladies always had their eyes on. Henry wasn't a wealthy man and wasn't born into wealth, but Henry always dreamed he'd marry into wealth someday and have all the precious things he dreamed about. When Henry was around his friends he'd talk like he had money because most of his friends had an abundance of money. Not having any wealth like his friends had made Henry jealous.
Henry's relationships were not much to speak of many girls broke up with him after just a few dates because he couldn't give lavish gifts. Henry's luck and entire life was about to change because one of Henry's rich friends was invited to a party. His friend only knew the person that invited him so he thought it would be a good idea to bring someone he knew to keep him company.
Henry and his friend were having a good time at the party. Henry told Jack he was going to get some punch and would be back shortly. Just as Henry was scooping up some punch a pretty blonde woman approached Henry and introduced herself because Henry's appearance took her breath away.
Henry would get the girl of his dreams but when her beauty started to fade and Henry's spending spree on booze got out of hand things went south very quickly leaving Henry a drunken lonely broke man. Henry thought killing his wife Monique would make things better but when Henry heard a voice calling him out to the grave where his beloved Monique was buried and a freshly dug grave with Henry's name on the tombstone. Henry knew his fate had been sealed.

Ficción y literatura
diciembre 15
Drac Von Stoller
Smashwords, Inc.

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