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Learn how to access a microservice and build a reliable infrastructure using Spring Boot 2 and Spring Cloud with a proven actionable and hands-on approach
Learning new technology can be fast and fun. With this custom tailored learning plan you advance in building microservices with Spring Boot by actually building applications.

Together we build a tiny application using the microservice we created in "Spring Boot: How To Get Started and Build a Microservice" and expand the scenario with common patterns used in microservice environments for building a reliable fault tolerant infrastructure. You can follow along without having read the previous book.

You learn best by coding.

We use Spring Boot 2 with the Milestone 2.

What you will build:
We will write a simple client application for our microservice and improve it with each step to handling load balancing, failovers, service discovery and more.

What you will learn:
How to access a remote API with Spring's RestTemplate
How to do retries and fallbacks in case of API errors
How to add client side load balancing to it
How to use the circuit breaker pattern with Spring Cloud
How to register and discover services
What the role of a gateway is

How you can easily add a gateway
How to store configurations in a central place

This book is for you when
you have started using Spring Boot
you want to improve on microservices and Spring Boot
you love building applications and learning new technologies

It is NOT for you if
your most advanced program was HelloWorld
you like reading fluffy compendiums
you don't know the Java language at all

Also, if you have questions, do not hesitate and contact me using the email address at the end of the book. I'll answer your questions and improve the book with your feedback.

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