The Choosing

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King George and his wife Queen Althea were very blessed in life.  King George brought peace to their lands after centuries of turmoil and battles throughout their realm.   He managed to reform his kingdom into a prosperous land while building relations with other monarchs in the realm to open up not simply new opportunities, but a new way of life for the people throughout their torn realm.  A life without war...for all species.

The good King and his Queen were blessed with four very beautiful and unique Princesses.  First were their twins Alyson, a water witch.  Along with her nearly identical twin Alysia, a fire witch.  Together they shared the elemental controls of air.  Daughter Trinity, the spirit witch, is quite the handful with a larger than life spirit of her own.  At last was little Gracie, the earth witch, possessing the same gentle and generous heart as her father.  All four shared his love for their lands and especially each other.

When tragedy strikes, causing the passing of the well-respected King George…his girls must learn how to move on.  Their options…continue his legacy…or create paths all their own.  But before they can get moving in any direction…The Council must speak.

This is a tale of treachery, secrets, and the bonds of family.  Defining the boundaries of friendship…even the discovery of allies not known yet.  The girls must now endure making the traditional preparations in the event their kingdom may one day lose their Queen Althea.  They must compete for not only the throne…but King George's immortal gifts as a once mighty warlock.  Will greed rear its ugly head…or is the girls bond stronger?

In Book one, The Choosing, the Council has spoken.  The girls must compete against each other in a long held tradition called The Choosing.  They have until Gracie's sixteenth birthday to come to terms with what may lie ahead, or find some way around the Council.   

Together they manage to piece together long hidden secrets kept from not only them…but there were a few items the Council wished to remain unknown to all.  Their journey stands to make the impossible into reality for not only themselves, but later far surpassing boundaries even they knew they could.  The girls learn along the way that their father, though deceased, is never far.  He made his own preparations for their future.  His legacy not only living on in others hearts…but with many helpful hands…one day the legacy will live on through his girls.

Will all the pieces be found for this puzzle?  What 'messages' did George leave behind?  Will the girls choose to fight for their legacy or will they suffer the same fates as those before?  Will they be torn apart or are the bonds of sisters its own force to be reckoned with?

Ficción y literatura
13 de julio
Dawn M Hyde
Draft2Digital, LLC

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