The Good Life The Good Life

The Good Life

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How to be good, healthy, and religious?

How to stop worries, manage time, and control anger?

How to be happy, wealthy, control the mind, and stay positive?

This book is an attempt to understand the possible answers to these common life questions, the author gathered through his various readings. Some snippets from the book are:

• Good life is not a passive existence where we live and let others live. It is one of involvement with family and friends to make life less difficult for one another.

• Healthy food, regular exercise, uninterrupted sleep at night for 6 to 8 hours, and managing stress are important for a healthy life.

• Belief in God, prayer, charitable giving, fasting, pilgrimage, and celebrations are common to all religions.

• Worry is simply an activity, not a reality. It is just like our numerous normal thoughts.

• Time management is life management, and it is nothing but giving order to our life.

• Anger is harmful to our relationships, our career, and our health. It can make others unfriendly and rob us of our peace of mind.

• Happiness is a journey and not a destination.

• When we die, what we have accomplished financially is often quickly forgotten. What is remembered is what we did for others, and it is our real wealth.

• Our mind doesn’t age. The past and the present always exist in our minds, changing freely between conscious to sub-conscious and sub-conscious to a conscious state.

• Miracles do happen, and they happen more often to people who are positively positive.

Some people believe that making a lot of money and living in luxury is success in life. Others believe that having a good education, employment, and living in happiness with a loving wife and children is success in life. This book is meant for the people in the latter category.

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