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The idea of writing this book was to express my thoughts of why a soul needs to exist in our society. It was after I read about every event in history and how some led into violence and others didn't. There's always an incident that seems to happen, from the beginning of time up to now, that made me think, why? There must be an underlying event that is the cause, but what is this cause and effect? It could be anything, for sure. However, if a human is involved, the psyche is involved. So when emotion is involved, it must be invisible, therefore, we don't see it, right? Wrong. An event can be seen because it is scripted. It seems that every event in history seems to be scripted. This script is written as a daily routine in one's life while in a family or working for a government. It's the same for some and different for others, but there seems to be a script written for every event. As I was growing up, like many of my kind, I went to school to learn things, but I felt my life was following a script, even when I got older. But this script changes to another daily routine as one gets older. Now, while a script is written for each life, why does violence occur in each event in one's script? It seems like one word always comes up: "win." This emotion is scripted into one's daily routine since the beginning of time. Let's take the time when the cavemen existed. Their script was written to survive, but how was their choice? Is it to survive any which way you can? To survive, but how? Was the answer to "win?" Doubtfully, the cavemen didn't know that this word, "win," was the answer to their entire problem. The only thing the cavemen knew was winning. The result was getting food and not getting killed. In any script in life, it is written that you must win any which way you can, but then, when civilization came into the picture, a choice was governed by society on how to win. So who brought this word, "win?" It wasn't made by God. God only gives you a choice: how. So what's going on here in the human psyche? "To win" is the key in the program of men. This is the starting point of every starting point that causes the clash of the titans. "Win" creates emotions. If you don't win, that leads to other emotions, causing a chain reaction of emotions""one form to another that can cause violence to be involved. Our minds are being programmed. We think that it is programmed by someone or something obvious like our parents, our boss, or the government. But who is programming them? In the beginning of time, let's say in the cavemen period, they too were programmed by someone or something common to their period: to get food, sex, etc. But even then, the idea to "win" is obvious. Humans consider their thoughts to be self-created, but still, in my opinion, their minds are programmed by others through their souls which, in turn, are governed by their surroundings. If the soul is corrupted, does the surrounding darkness add to it? Who knows. There is a connection through the darkness that is comprised of dark energy and matter which surrounds us. What I am getting to is how all this is connected just by one word, "win," with one's soul and the surrounding dark energy and matter. I believe the soul can communicate with others via the surrounding elements in the universe. The only one who can use dark matter or energy for its own purpose is God, but the feeling now is that everything has changed concerning dark matter and energy. Why? It seems to be corrupted, because the universe is not acting as it should be. This dark matter and energy is real and the scientific community doesn't know where it is coming from. It's been in the universe since the beginning of time, and it seems like God used it to build some parts of our soul as well as other things in the universe. That is why we seem to be affected by our surroundings. It surrounds us, and it's got to be the elements that are an influence to our psyche. A mass extinction of the human race is...

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