Accidental Valentines

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For travelling salesman Beckman Spiers, February 14th is the same every year—just another day. He’ll never enjoy the romantic success that his smooth-talking arch-rival Tyler does.
Except this year might be different. When Beckman’s neighbour gets dumped on Valentine’s Day, she needs some company. It’s only a friendly takeaway… isn’t it?

"Accidental Valentines" is a short companion story to the Sunrise Trilogy. Read the quirky romantic comedy “Tow Away Zone” – Beckman’s full length adventure – in paperback or ebook :

“A gripping yarn - quirky characters, a pacy plot and a setting like you've never read before. A fun ol' read.”
Paul Kerensa, Comedian & British Comedy Award-winning TV writer

“Very enjoyable and easy to read with an unusual plot that keeps you guessing throughout. Highly recommended.”

“This is a brilliant story. Clever, laugh-out-loud funny, and mysterious all at the same time. Heartily recommended.”

“I read this in 2 sessions spending the time in between wondering "what next?" for Beckman. Really good fun to read with more than a touch of darkness, so much neon, a very odd pet and the best breakdown service on the planet. Very enjoyable and highly recommended!"

“An original, inventive storyline and a variety of three dimensional characters that you will genuinely care about. Dialogue sharp enough to shave with, well paced and bubbling with humour.”

“A really easy and enjoyable read. Once I started it was tough to put down, and when I did, I always looked forward to going back for more.”

“In a surprising town a salesman finds everything he ever wanted. This is such an incredibly interesting story. I couldn't put it down. And I could never decide if the town was real or not. But the characters could have lived next door!”

“This is one of those books that will leave you with a smile on your face. Funny, relatable perfect characters, a story that kept me turning the pages and an ending that did not disappoint. This is a great book to take on holiday because it is light-hearted and fun.”

“I struggle to compare this book with others. The words 'unique' and 'inventive' come to mind. The dialogue is well-crafted and funny, the characters are wonderfully individual, and the narrative is a kaleidoscope of colourful drama. This book will stick with you."

"It’s funny, it’s witty, it’s hilarious in places and it’s also quite serious if need be. I have to say I’m blown away by it."

"The narrative of the story keeps you gripped and there is drama and comedic moments a-plenty! An easy and pleasant read from start to finish."

"I did have a good chuckle while reading this book, the characters are likeable, the twists and turns in the story are unpredictable and the plot itself is quite unusual. "

"I thought this was a fun read with quirky, likeable characters that kept me interested. I chuckled along with the what on earth is going to happen next-ness of the book, appreciated how things wrapped back around on themselves, and I’d happily read another."

"At times the book feels like a moral tale, at others we veer into magical realism and on other occasions we find ourselves almost in the middle of a thriller. With memorable characters and a light-hearted style, its a book that certainly has some unusual twists and turns. "

"This is a quirky, light-hearted read. A great concept - very original. "

13 June
Chris Towndrow

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