APP Escape Plan - Create and Launch Your App Idea - no Development Experience Needed. Mobile App Design, Hiring an App Developer, iOS App Marketing Success & Getting your iPhone App Published Asap‪.‬

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Need help making an iPhone & Android app? Discover how to design your mobile app, hire an app developer & get your app published on the app store - no tech experience needed. Enjoy this book, created by #1 global appreneur who quit her job and published over 430 apps with over 25 million downloads worldwide.

"Elaine is an app genius" Nikki, UK.

So you want to publish an app. But how on earth do you take your app idea and make it a reality?

Creating your first iPhone & Android app can be a stressful jump head-first into the great unknown. And when you're on your own, a lot of things can go wrong...

You can't decide exactly what your app will do, waste months procrastinating & get nothing done.

You finally start designing your app but run out of ideas & grind to a halt.

You need an app developer, but have NO idea where to find a good one. You're officially stressed out.

You start outsourcing and hire the wrong developer & then waste THOUSANDS of $$$ on bad coding. Ugh.

You design & make an app that will NEVER get accepted into the app store (a total failure & a huge waste of time).

But it doesn't have to be like that! I'm Elaine, a mobile app consultant. I've published over 430 apps & enjoyed over 25,000,000 million downloads in the Apple & Android app stores, with over 50 #1 apps globally since 2012. And I'm ready to help you make your app designs & ideas come to life & make it into the app store.

This includes both app development on Android and iPhone, to harness the search engine power (and download potential) of both app stores. Plus how to find, interview & hire the best mobile app development companies & app development outsourcing agencies.

Apps can be a very useful extra revenue stream & lead generation asset for existing businesses. Need to grow an email list? Apps can help you with that. Want more traffic to your sales page? An app can help there also. Want to add a SAAS (software as a service) income stream to your business? An app can do that too.

Get started today with the App Escape Plan.

Table of contents:

The day I quit my job

The entrepreneur life

How much will my app cost?

Researching your app

#1 App mistake to avoid

How to validate your app idea for a business

Writing down your app idea

Should you publish on Apple or Android?

How to use an app to grow your email list

Choosing a free or paid app

How to make money with ads

The power of outsourcing

Do you need an NDA?

How to find an app developer

Your app icon

App screenshots

App marketing keywords

Hire a virtual assistant

4 Tips to app success

Choose your app life

Keep going when it gets tough

Take action today

I know that making an app can seem like a daunting process - especially if you're not an app developer. Mobile app development may sound complicated.

Well the good news is you don't need tech skills. I cannot code. I started with no app development experience or app marketing skills, and I've published 430 apps, by learning how to outsource my apps to freelancer app developers & learning many lessons from 25 million app downloads. There is a clear step by step process to follow when making an app. I know this as I've taught over 1400+ people to do it. And I promise, you can do it too.

Turn your iPhone & Android app from a dream to a reality with the App Escape Plan.

Computing & Internet
9 February
Elaine Heney

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