Olga Rodionova

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Publisher Description

This is a story of a nonpareil juvenile who saw many ups and downs in her childhood life and struggled for her education. Her mother brought her up after her fathers death. She lived a very short period of life with mother but before dying, her mother handed over her to her cousin who lived in America. She continued her studies there but she came in trouble when her granny sold her to pimps. Further, that gang of pimps sold her to Marten, who was a high class Prostitute, for sending her to Dubai.
However, one Russian man saved her from the prostitution. He bought her from Marten and purveyed her like a daughter and Olga was happy with him.
Once again a strange anomaly happened; she was kidnapped by that gang of pimps but this time she was saved by her boyfriend.
Fate changed its side and again she adopted prostitution for saving the life of her father-like. Diana, one of the members under Marten served her in front of Allan Pearson who was a Hollywood Director. He was astonished seeing her beauty. He helped her and offered her film to play a lead role.
She denied but when he made her understand, she accepted his proposal after discussing with her father-like. He gave her an international podium and then she was a popular personality.
Again she took a U-turn. She left America after completing her studies. When she reached Russia, she came across her second childhood friend. He deflowered her and Olga tried to attempt suicide but Igor stopped her and gave her full support.
Finally, she joined the Russian Army after leaving the world of glamour and fulfilled the dream of her parents. She married with Igor and kept living a very happy life with him.

Crime & Thrillers
18 August
Partridge Publishing India