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The truce is over!

For thousands of years the dark night streets of Vancouver has been the neutral ground to an intense but withering truce between werewolves and vampires that call the city their home.

For centuries the powerful immortals have lived with a thin veil of understanding that although the city belongs to the werewolf packs exclusively, a few long standing vampires have been allowed to remain within the metropolis so long as the regulation of the vampire population in the city and their dark actions are tightly controlled.

Barabbas Valmont, the oldest brother of the Valmont vampire dynasty has lived within Vancouver long before the introduction of the vampire ban back in 1835. Over the years he’s watched many werewolf pack leaders drive vampires from the cities edge, including his two younger brothers who could no longer tolerate the ever tightening fist of the weres control on their immortal lives. But contrary to his families and the packs wishes Barabbas has refused to go, promising himself that one day the truce will be broken… and he will be the one to make it fall.

For Barabbas tonight is the night!

Under the guise of a routine meeting with the most powerful werewolf leader in the city, Barabbas is about to commit the worst crime of them all… he wants the notorious pack leader punished and dead for his ruthless attacks on Barabbas’ kind and tonight Barabbas is about to put an end to Vancouver’s newest wave of ever increasing werewolf control.

There’s just one problem that could lead to the disastrous failure of his plan…

Pontius (the ruthless werewolf leader of the Vancouver pack) knows what Barabbas plans to do and has cooked up a little plan of his own. Consumed by confusing and shamefully intense sexual feelings for the ancient vampire who refuses to leave his home, Pontius decides tonight’s the night to get exactly what he wants for his body and his soul but can he use Barabbas’ trap to ensnare the beautiful vampire into committing acts with a werewolf that he would never agree to do on his own? Or will the hostile meeting between the two powerful men end in death and destruction just as Barabbas’ plans it to?

Find out in the first installment of DEFENDING VANCOUVER CHRONICLES (BOOK 1): RELUCTANT TRUCE!

Fiction & Literature
26 June
Lily Anderson

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