The How-To Guide To Choosing The Perfect Dog

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If you have any interest at all in getting a dog... if you want to find out what type of dog you should get... or you just want to figure out whether you should get a dog or not... then this book was written just for you.

Figuring out what dog you want is largely based on you, your lifestyle, your personality and your energy levels.

However, choosing your perfect companion can be a difficult task. To make it easier to choose the right dog for you, here's some of what you'll discover in this book:

- Are you ready to have a dog? 10 Important questions that deserve your consideration before you make the jump to get a dog (some people skip these and end up getting into a situation out of their hands!)

- The 3 important questions most people forget to ask themselves before deciding what type of dog they want... there are so many dogs in animal shelters and pounds because people skip or ignore these three questions

- How to keep yourself from buying a dog in haste -- These 3 practical suggestions will keep you from succumbing to impulse and big brown puppy eyes when you go to the store to look at puppies!

- How to determine what size dog you want and what size dog is going to fit your lifestyle and be happy in your home

- Practical suggestions for deciding how much space you need for the dog you want. Ignore this and you could end up with a pretty uncomfortable situation!

- How to find a dog that matches your personality! Do you want a hyper dog... or... a couch potato -- the key is to get a dog that matches your energy level

- 3 things you MUST consider when choosing between a long or short hair species!

- How to figure out if you want a trainable dog or not. Depending on your personality, you may want a dog with a certain temperament...

- The surprising reason why you need to decide how much you want to exercise your dog!

- How to keep your new dog from destroying the house while you're gone. This is information you MUST take into consideration... if you like everything to be as tidy when you come home as it was when you left it!

- Why your backyard may not be enough space for the dog you want. Most people overlook these serious considerations about how much space their dog will need.

- How to make sure your children won't ever be hurt by the dog you own. Reading this page BEFORE you purchase a dog could save you a lot of pain and heartache.

- 6 more important questions you NEED to ask yourself before choosing a dog!

- How to get and enjoy a dog... Even if... you are allergic to them! Allergy sufferers rejoice -- this is your loophole to still being able to get and enjoy a dog.

- 28 different breeds of dogs and the 7 criteria about them you can use to determine whether they're the dog for you!

- The 6 needs your new dog will have and how you can make sure both you and your dog are enjoying your new life together by making sure they're met.

- Plus much, much more!

This just scratches the surface of what's in this book. It gives you everything you need to really get started searching for your new pet -- your new best friend and companion -- today!

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3 June
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