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How new and fast-proliferating mutual funds and ETFs can put a backbone in your portfolio

Trading today means navigating everpresent volatility, struggling to diversify in the face of rising asset-class correlations, and shouldering the risk of massive losses in

sudden market downturns. To break away from traditional asset allocation and long-only strategies, the mass af uent, ultra high net worth, and institutional investors have found alternative vehicles for successfully hedging against risk, finding new sources of growth and income, and achieving wider diversity. Winning with Liquid Alternatives is your key to these booming products.

'40 Act alternatives, or liquid alternatives, are the next-level mutual funds and ETFs for tomorrow's serious investors. This cutting-edge "owner's manual" to liquid alternatives shows how they offer daily liquidity, high transparency, lower fees, simple tax reporting, and the

predictable regime of mutual funds, while still employing the aggressive techniques and strategies used to manage hedge funds. Free from the high minimum investment associated with most hedge funds, liquid alternatives are the place to be to grow your net worth and take personal

control of your financial wealth, and Winning with Liquid Alternatives gets you there.

Written by an industry leader in '40 Act alternatives,

this sophisticated guide gives you:
A revealing breakdown of how portfolio managers make money using liquid alternatives

An insider's overview of the mutual fund and hedge fund industries

An empirical illustration employing alternative vehicles to achieve efficient long-run results in a portfolio

Proof that just one managed futures vehicle in a portfolio can maintain low correlation to stock and bond returns over longer periods

Practical tools to accurately measure the success of liquid alternative investments

Asset managers are scrambling to launch new liquid alternatives to meet growing investor demand, and no book does more to help you accurately screen and select the vehicles best suited to your portfolio and standard of wealth than Winning with Liquid Alternatives.

Asset managers are rolling out increasing numbers of '40 Act mutual funds and ETFs--hybrid products that combine the safety and simplicity of mutual funds with the advanced investment strategies and high returns and low

volatility of hedge funds.

Written by a leading expert in research and product development, this A-to-Z guide moves your investing forward with advanced strategies for cutting-edge

products. It shows you why the new normal of lower returns and heightened volatility makes liquid alternatives the place to be and gives you everything you need to fortify your portfolio with them.

With assets under management at more than $200 billion, liquid alternatives can help you achieve extraordinary profits if you have answers to such critical questions as:

How are liquid alternatives organized?

Where do investors get accurate information about them?

What kinds of strategies do they employ?

What ways can investors incorporate them into a portfolio?

How can investors evaluate different vehicles and assess their performance?

How can one choose the right strategies?

Winning with Liquid Alternatives gives you in-depth and easily implementable answers to these questions and more. Even if you think you know what liquid

alternatives are all about, this fresh perspective will expand your mastery and open up new ways to achieve your financial goals.

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May 23
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