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A Perfect Story

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This international bestseller is now an original series from Netflix!

Two heartbroken people from totally different worlds go on a fake-dating vacation of a lifetime. What could possibly go wrong?

Margot Ortega always struggled to be the princess in her own fairytale: a successful career, a huge salary, a gorgeous apartment, and a perfect fiancé. But on her wedding day, she suffers a major panic attack and has to call it off.

Devastated and ashamed, Margot decides to drown her sufferings in a mad night of alcohol and dancing. The next day, she goes back to the sleazy club to retrieve her sister's cell phone and has a crazy encounter with David Sánchez, the handsome, fun-loving bartender who persuades her to pretend to be his new girlfriend in order to make his ex jealous. David recognizes the sadness in her eyes, and together they conspire to help each other get their exes back. Little do they know how much fun they'll have and how much they'll complicate their lives.

A trip to Greece together that Margot sees as a much-needed getaway creates an unexpected connection and depth of intimacy between two people who belong to two totally different worlds. What starts as a simple escape for fun and adventure becomes complicated and devastating when the depth of their feelings pulls the two lovers in different directions and forces them to make a life-altering decision. 

Full of joy, angst, and heartfelt humor, A Perfect Story is perfect for fans of: Opposites attract romance Fake dating (but it feels so real) Sizzling heat and fiery passion Books that make you cry and laugh A fun, sexy vacation to the Mediterranean Emotional romances by Lucy Score and Abby Jimenez

Giordan Diaz
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23 de julio
Dreamscape Media