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Are you looking to adopt an American bulldog and make him a part of your family? Do you want to be sure that you will be able to give the dog the required care and attention to make him happy? Are you not sure if this breed will work for the place you currently live in? Do you already have an American bulldog? Are you quite worried about his aggressive behavior? Is your dog chewing up all kinds of things in your house? Is he not listening to you or your commands? 

If you are nodding your head and your answer is "yes" to at least one of the above questions, then you have found the right book.

Dogs have become a part of human life for centuries now. Their loving nature, loyal behavior, and protective instinct make them the best companions for mankind. All dogs are the same irrespective of the breed when it comes to behavior, and it is entirely the responsibility of the owner to train him. There is no good dog or bad dog; there are only good owners or bad owners. When you treat and train your dog correctly, your dog displays the right behavior with you and others even when these are strangers or animals they have never met before. Spending enough time with your dog, giving him your undivided attention, training him at the right age, etc. are important when it comes to raising a dog.

Through the course of the book, we discuss understanding the American bulldog’s basic temperament and personality traits to train them in the right way. Here is a quick snapshot of what is to be covered in this book:

History of American bulldogs 
Physical traits, personality, and behavior 
Health condition and care 
Simple things to remember before deciding to adopt an American bulldog 
Taking care of your new family member 
Addressing the chewing and teething issues
Understanding the reason for aggression toward other dogs
Training the American bulldog
Simple training tricks that can be followed
Suitable chew toys

Isn’t it interesting? So what are you waiting for? Get this audiobook now to get to know about the American bulldog in detail. When you have finished listening to this book, you might take the necessary steps to work on your dog’s behavioral issues and work together with your dog to enjoy a strong bond.

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