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You are about to learn how to tap into the ancient ayurvedic wisdom to live long, enhance your digestive health, bring about mental clarity, enhance your beauty and achieve balance of mind, body and spirit!

Developed over 5000 years ago in ancient India, there is a reason why Ayurveda is still one of the best natural health systems in the world for bringing holistic benefits. The reason Ayurveda is still relevant today is because it delivers on its promises! In simpler terms, it works to bring various benefits.

I understand that as a complete beginner wishing to learn about Ayurveda, you may have tons of questions about the practice:

How and why does it work?
Is there any scientific explanation of why and how it works?
Are there any rules/principles you should follow?
How do you make sure that you bring about the benefits?
How do you introduce it in your everyday life?
What benefits can you expect to reap from following Ayurveda?

Lucky for you, this audiobook seeks to answer each one of these questions and many others to get you started with Ayurveda, even if this is the first time you’ve come across the term!

If you’ve never come across words like “dosha”, “vata”, “pitta”, “kapha”, “ama”, and others, don’t worry. By the end of this book, you will know exactly what each one means and how they matter in making you healthy!

More precisely, this audiobook will teach you:

The basics of Ayurveda, including how it has evolved over the years to what it is today, its principles, how it works, and other basic stuff about Ayurveda as a practice
Steps to discover your unique dosha and how your dosha influences your digestion, physiology, metabolism, and more
Ways to assess, diagnose, and treat various problems using Ayurvedic principles, even if you are a complete beginner
Simple yet powerful Ayurvedic morning and evening rituals to achieve optimal balance
Ways to unlock and balance your chakras, depending on your unique dosha needs
Steps to eat right for your dosha to ensure you balance your mind, body, and soul
Ways how making small changes like the time you eat as well as incorporating small practices like eating certain foods will benefit your digestive system, metabolism, and overall health
Ways you can make use of special yoga poses and meditation techniques depending on your dosha to enhance your metabolism, digestion, overall health, and much more
Ways how you stand to benefit by adopting the Ayurvedic approach to healing in your everyday life
Steps to meet your unique dosha needs depending on the changing environment, season, and time
Ways to cleanse your body depending on your dosha to achieve optimal health
Ways to regain luster, passion, and life force by leveraging Ayurvedic teachings
Delicious, easy-to-make plant-based recipes relating to the chakras
A 21-day plan to help you incorporate Ayurveda into your everyday life to bring massive transformation
And much more!

Indeed, this is a complete guide to Ayurveda to move you from not knowing anything about Ayurveda to having expert level knowledge on the ins and outs of Ayurveda. All you need is to follow what you learn.

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Kristin Myers
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18 de febrero
Daniele Bettini