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Burnout & Fatigue - to be burned out. This is the state of total exhaustion - the physical, emotinal and mental exhaustion caused by stress or occupational overload. SyncSouls developed the burn-out and Fatigue-syndrom help (made in Germany) focus on calm and relaxation in accord with the formulars of the german autogenic training. These are short 15 Minute sequenzes for effective fill up, relaxation or calm. Applicable everywhere, at home, at work, in the airport, on the plane or in the subway.
In 15 minutes of this relaxation program your thoughts, your puls and heartbeat calm down and you gain inner serenety. You regain your strength and the selected excercises from the german autogenic training support your positive thinking, your concetration and your mental balance. The state of fatigue and burn-out is certanly not healed only by a relaxation program.

Psychotherapeutic accompaingment is an integral part and a successful treatment approach of today. Simultanious though learning and applying a relaxtion method on a regular basis is an important prophilaxis against burn-out and another essential element in the treatment of the burnout and fatigue syndrom.

For advanced users there is a version following without words, only Sounds and music are played. The Sounds and the music are carfully put togehter on todays researches of sound design for relaxtion purpuses. The pitch is set to the natural chamber pitch A of 432 Hz. The organ of corti which is responsable for our sense of balance oscillates on 128 Hz. The Frequency 128 Hz and its octaves and the resultant natural chamber tone A 432 Hz is firmly fixed in the human body.

Enjoy the 15 miuntes intense relaxation with the formulars of the autogenic training from SyncSouls - as a day to day help, for prophilaxis against burn-out and fatigue or in the accompaining treatment of the burnout and fatigue syndrom.

Please note: This audiobook is in English.

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17 julio
Syncsouls. A division of alive media solutions

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