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Siberian huskies are a popular breed, but they do come with their own unique challenges. These stubborn, strong-willed, and curious dogs are not for a first-time dog owner, but they can be loving and loyal companions for anyone willing to put in the work. From their sled dog history to their role today as beloved pets, huskies can be an ideal dog.

This audiobook will give you all the tips and tricks to raise a husky, from finding a breeder or rescue, to picking a vet and potty training. This advice will give you the best footing to form a lasting bond with your husky and give him a healthy and happy life. This book will be a step-by-step guide for everything you ever wanted to know about huskies. 

Find answers to questions, like:

Is a Siberian husky the right dog for me?
Should I buy from a breeder or rescue?
I brought my husky home. What now?
How can I best train my husky?
What are some common mistakes I should avoid?

At the same time, you’ll find plenty of reasons why you should choose a Siberian Husky as your next pet.

Chapters in this audiobook include all the basics, such as:

Husky History 
Choosing a Husky 
Preparing Your Home for Your Husky 
Bringing Home Your Husky 
Being a Puppy Parent 
Socializing with People and Animals 
Huskies and Your Other Pets 
Physical and Mental Exercise 
Training Your Husky 
Basic Commands 
Dealing with Unwanted Behaviors 
Traveling with Huskies 
Grooming Your Husky 
Basic Health Care 
Health and Aging Dog Care 

This guide covers all the major aspects of your dog’s life, from puppies to senior dogs, and can be a useful reference to you through every stage. With our tips and tricks, plus some affection and treats, you’re sure to form a lasting bond with your Siberian husky.

This guide is a must-listen if you’re even just considering adding a husky to your family. Once you bring your dog home, you’ll be glad you spent time preparing for the arrival of your pup. After all, this is a special breed that deserves the very best!

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