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How do we surpass our fears? How does someone overcome the uncontrollable urges that stop us in our tracks? How do we control the relentless agony that describes C-PTSD (chronic PTSD or trauma). How do we learn to cope again in the world? How do we reverse the brain atrophy that occurs with uncontrolled CPTSD so that our brains don’t get into a cyclical reaction of fear and emotional angst?

Most people don’t realize it, but emotional fear and anxiety can be subdued and brought to its knees. You can tap into your creative mind and use it as a tool to dispel your CPTSD and the associated trauma and brain atrophy that occurs after trauma. 

Inside this book: 

You will learn how to access your creative mind and take back control of your life.
You will learn how to use brain hacks to help you get some traction in the right direction.
You will learn about CPD oil, nootropics, creativity, higher consciousness, NLP and more.
You will learn how these tools will help with your CPTSD.
You will learn how you can hack your shrinking brain with creativity and experiences to reverse the shrinking and paralysis that occurs with CPTSD.

Creativity lives inside us all. We all are born with creative talents. You must learn to access that portion of your brain. Creativity alone can help you in ways you may have never thought possible. There is no quick fix, however there are shortcuts. You can tame your PTSD. I know from experience that it is not an easy route, but it can be accomplished with a few tricks of the trade.


Learn more about CBD oils and whether they will benefit you directly. Is CBD oil the key to unlocking your traumatized mind?

The latest NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming has become vital in life-transforming healing. You can utilize NLP to help reprogram your mind. It is now possible through mental exercises to rid yourself of your PTSD and C-PTSD through these visualization tools.

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