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In Lance K Ewing’s first Novel, readers were introduced to a cast of memorable characters spanning across three States.

In a post-apocalyptic world, where the rules have changed, Lance and his family, along with other survivors of the next-world, continue their struggle.

Each setback grievously felt, and the clashes with military forces and desperate outlaws, have drained them both physically and mentally.

But for Lance, he is left wondering how it will all end, as every day seems harder than the last. Can they reach the safety he promised everyone in one piece?

Plagued with injuries and losses, will his group make it to the halfway point of Raton Pass, New Mexico, while already enduring more than they imagined?

Vlad makes an unexpected trip to a FEMA camp without his consent, and Nancy is voted MVP of the first leg in the journey.

Is Mike misunderstood or has Lance underestimated him once again?

David’s group will suffer a devastating loss, while Mel loses everything but gains more than he could ever hope.

Mac finds love and, in return, more drama than he can handle alone.

James is reluctantly voted Mayor of Weston, Colorado, serving under a corrupt judge and sheriff with sinister plans.

Recap of Volume 1

In Families First - Post-Apocalyptic Next-World Series, Volume 1, we are introduced to a cast of characters spanning multiple locations across the United States, with each group having diverse points of view and hardships to overcome.

We learn that North Korea dropped an EMP in the center of the United States, knocking out power to all states except Hawaii, as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. With no electricity, food or running water, and few working vehicles, the country is instantly reduced to the hardships of days long gone. It’s every family for themselves in this new and hostile world.

The story begins with a Chiropractor, husband, father and starting prepper, Lance, with his wife Joy and their young boys: twins Hudson and Jax (age 4), and Hendrix (age 3), from McKinney, Texas. They band with friends and neighbors as they prepare to leave their homes and head nearly 800 miles to Saddle Ranch, in the Rocky Mountains near Loveland, Colorado.

With help from new friends, including two McKinney police officers and a former military couple, they gather a formidable group of prayerful and like-minded men, women and children.

McKinney police officer Lonnie is always cool-headed and is a great leader of people.

Lonnie convinces his old friend Vlad to join the group and bring the entire inventory from his nearly looted gun store in Plano, Texas, in return for full membership in the group and the hopeful promise of long-term safety in the Colorado mountains.

The other McKinney police officer, Mike, has a soft spot for kids, females, and anyone close to him that needs his help. This behavior is closely pared with his propensity towards violent acts with seemingly little remorse. His conduct in Volume 2, and beyond, is sure to escalate and provide the groundwork for a wild ride.

With the good Lord always watching over them, the group sets out on the journey of a lifetime in Volume Two. The cast of Saddle Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, is diverse, with more than 100 people living in the community.

John is the leader of Saddle Ranch. With the help of Bill, Sharon, and their head of security, Mac, they need to secure their territory quickly. However, they realize that nothing stays locked down tight for long.

Close by is the Church of the West, just up the road in Green Valley, with Samuel as their leader.

Working together, but still maintaining their separate groups, they do their best to secure the four miles across the valley where they all live, surrounded by foothills and mountains.

In Raton Pass, New Mexico, halfway between McKinney, Texas, and Loveland, Colorado, live the Jenkins family; older son David with his mother Beatrice and father Dean, and David’s son, Mark.

James and Janice VanFleet...

Ciencia ficción y fantasía
Frank Block
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Lance K Ewing