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Discover the HUGE potential of living an extraordinary life without any willpower to do the "habits" that make it stellar!

In Habits: 41 Habits For A Remarkable Life: Personal Development, Improve Health, Enhance Spirituality, Skyrocket Finances, Strengthen Relationships, and Boost Productivity, you will learn all it takes to form those elusive "good habits" that have been evading you for long simply because you did not have the willpower to adhere to them. You will learn all it takes, really, is to have the tiniest bit of willpower, in the beginning, to form those habits, until the stage comes where you will find yourself exercising those habits "AUTOMATICALLY", without even giving so much as a thought to them.

You will see in detail the "41" good habits you should incorporate in order to change your life for the better. Of course, this does not mean that there are other good habits out there that you cannot include in your life, but adhering to the ones that are a part of this book will really change your life dramatically, because I have sieved through the lot and given you only the very best!

You will be taken through the areas of personal development, health and fitness, mental health and spirituality, finances, relationships, and productivity, and you will see that it is really quite easy to incorporate the habits that are detailed in each of these sections. You will come to see that all it takes is a little bit of discipline, and you could be well on the path to changing your life by incorporating as many of these positive habits as you possibly can.

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Habits Explained
How Habits Control Your Life
How to Control Them Instead
Three Ways to Replace Existing Bad Habits
Seven Habits for Personal Development
Nine Habits for Health and Fitness
Five Habits for Mental and Spiritual Health
Eight Habits to Improve Your Finances
Five Habits to Improve Relationships
Seven Habits to Improve Productivity

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