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Discover the latest research and theory on trauma in this illuminating audio collection. 

Maybe it’s the car accident that happened last week. Or it could be that moment of terror from when you were five years old. In either case, the trauma still lives in your body - and it needs to be resolved.  

Trauma is one of the most debilitating and misunderstood psychological conditions. Fortunately, it is also one of the most widely studied. In the last 20 years, immense strides have been made in treating and comprehending the mechanics of trauma. From neuroscience to psychology to traditional healing, researchers have devoted their careers to understanding the consequences of traumatic experiences. The Healing Trauma Summit: Volume 1 gathers five of the most prominent experts in the field to share resources, insights, and the latest theories on treatment.  

This volume of audio interviews and presentations includes: 

Peter Levine, PhD, explains why trauma so profoundly affects the physical body and how his Somatic Experiencing treatment modality addresses this
Judith Blackstone, PhD, presents the realization process therapeutic model, a technique for helping trauma sufferers establish a foundation of fundamental consciousness
Zainab Salbi speaks on the necessity of self-examination and speaking out to begin healing trauma
Dawson Church, PhD, comments on using the emotional freedom technique to treat intrusive thoughts and memories
Elizabeth Rosner discusses how war, genocide, and other historical traumas affect not only their victims, but society as a whole

Even though the effects of trauma can be devastating, healing is more than possible. With The Healing Trauma Summit, you can discover for yourself that hope is within your grasp.  

Note: This program is a compilation of presentations that were originally offered via the internet, so some sound inconsistencies may be present. These talks were presented at the Healing Trauma Summit, hosted in 2018 by Sounds True, and may be listened to in any sequence.  

Peter A Levine, PhD, Judith Blackstone, PhD, Zainab Salbi, Dawson Church, Elizabeth Rosner
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Sounds True

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