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So you’re interested in writing romance novels?


Is it because you want your piece of the most financially lucrative genre in all of fiction?

Or, is it because of something perhaps more meaningful? After all, a book about love can endure for centuries.

Well, whatever your reasons, you should know ahead of time that writing a terrific romance novel is difficult. 

There are so many components involved in crafting a successful story.

So many moving pieces for which to consider when articulating your romantic tale.

There’s plot structure, character motivation, character psychology, character sensuality, sexuality, withholding, Sacrifice, desire, fear, physicality, competition, the variations between the sexes, the narrative stance, the dialogue, the first meeting, the conclusion and resolution, the conflict, the setting, the suspense, the chapter beginnings and endings, the many types of characters and the roles they can play, the neurological sciences that sway your hero and heroine.

There are so many moving pieces; many more than just these. And yet the core of the romance novel is ultimately about one thing.

A great deal of care has gone into this course because I intimately understand the challenges of writing a book, and I want to ease those challenges for you by offering an effective guiding hand. I know how hard writing a book is, but as a published author I can promise you that the feeling you get when you finish your book will make all that struggle worthwhile. I want you to have that feeling.

Everything involved in writing a romance novel is included in this audiobook. And not just mentioned to you, but also elaborated upon so that you can gain crystal clarity on each of these components in the story.

In short, you will know how to write a romance novel after completing this audiobook.

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Peter Simon
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20 de mayo
Peter C. Simon