In Defense of the Bible, Volume 11 (Unabridged) In Defense of the Bible, Volume 11 (Unabridged)

In Defense of the Bible, Volume 11 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Another seven great chapters that defend God's word! 

Hell: Real or Imagined? by John Ankerberg. A biblical outline of the doctrine of hell. Great for evangelism!
Do You Have a Biblical World View? by Mike Riddle. What mindset you use to read the paper, discuss politics, and just about everything else in your life, boils down to your perspective.... Is yours Biblical? By a former Microsoft exec and Marine awesome presentation!
Thousands, NOT Millions by Larry Vardiman. Hailed by scientists all over the world, Larry pioneered a scientific analysis approach to determine the age of the earth...and it's dealing evolutionists fits! This will take the Intelligent Design movement up several notches. 
The Charge by Frank Peretti. This is really good. If you liked The Chair or The Chart, you'll love The Charge! He shows how silly our post-modern Christianity has become. 
The Heavens Declare God's Glory by John Morris. Drawing from the vast research network at the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego, John shows the absurdity of even thinking that the universe was accidental! Excellent! 
What Happened to the Dinosaurs? by Kent Hovind. Kent gives a fascinating account on how the existence of dinosaurs is consistent with Biblical accounts. Learn hundreds of scientific and Biblical facts as he traces their existence to present day! 
Hard Questions for Good Catholics by Mike Gendron. A straightforward no-nonsense list of questions for our Catholic friends and family.

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John Ankerberg, Mike Riddle, Larry Vardiman, Frank Peretti, John Morris, Kent Hovind, Mike Gendron
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