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This bundle includes two audiobooks: Neural Networks and Deep Learning!

Audiobook one: Neural Networks: Step-by-Step | Understand How Neural Networks Work, Starting with Simple Ideas. Machines are observing your habits, learning your patterns, and adjusting their behavior accordingly. Understand the concepts behind this amazing technology, step-by-step.

A machine capable of learning is already here; it is real, and it is exciting. Many may not be aware of it, but it already plays an important role in our lives in many ways. Ever wonder how all those lists of websites can come up so quickly when you do a Google search? What about how Amazon knows exactly what to recommend to you every time you visit their website? And what about how Netflix can choose a list of shows that suit your taste perfectly? 

How these computers are capable of doing all of these things is the subject of this audiobook. Using this audiobook as a guide, we’ll come to understand how the art of neural networks has made it possible for computer science to turn in a whole new direction, opening the doors to an amazing new era of technology.

Even as a novice in this industry, you will understand the basics of what neural networks are, how they work, and the many tasks you can apply them to, including:

Algorithms and how they work
The concepts behind neural networks
The basic architecture of a neural network
The different technical aspects of these programs
The different types of neural networks

Audiobook two: Deep Learning: Step-by-Step | A Sensible Guide Presenting the Concepts of Deep Learning with Real-World Examples

Have you ever wondered how large corporations like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter know so much about you? How do the same advertisements keep showing up wherever you go? Ever used Google Translate to communicate with someone who didn’t speak your language? The reality is that deep learning and its predecessor, machine learning, has had a hand with all of it.

Matthew Harper is the author of the Machine Learning series and an entrepreneur. Having a master’s degree in engineering allows him to write both from experience and expertise. He has built an intelligent machine himself and brings his knowledge to you in an educational way. 

This audiobook will explain to you in simple layman’s terms the basic foundation and concept of deep learning and how it works, including:

How deep learning came about and the basic concept behind it
The different aspects of deep learning
The different types of machine learning and what they are used for
Basic understanding of how it works
Several applications of the technology already in use today
What the future holds for you and deep learning

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