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Are you sick of your office job? Sick of office politics? Then consider working from home. This book can solve your problems.

Work-from-home jobs have been on a steady increase over time. This has been due to the Internet revolution that has brought about better and cheaper technologies that have made it possible to have virtual offices. Workers are able to work remotely from home or wherever they do feel at home.  

This book aims to provide you with great information as a potential work-from-home employee. It also provides a glimpse to work-from-home employers about the immense benefits that they can gain from using it.

For both remote workers and employers, the book demonstrates the benefits that each gets and sheds more light on the kind of jobs that are better done remotely, and more so, from home. The book goes further to advise the would-be home-workers on how to find work-from-home jobs.

Definitely, despite professional training, each work environment requires a set of unique skills. A work-from-home environment is not an exception. This guide provides you with information on the skills you need to succeed as a remote worker.

Building an online portfolio and networking online are great ways to prepare yourself to find those well-paying work-from-home jobs. This book teaches you how you can build your online portfolio and network online to be able to fish out more work opportunities.

At the end, your desire is to have paid clients, so you can finance your lifestyle. This book guides you on how to get your first paid clients. More importantly, you would spend less time and effort maintaining your clients than easily losing them and keep on looking for others. In this book, you are guided on how to maintain long-term, productive, and sustainable relationships with your clients.  

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Here's a preview of what you'll learn from this book:

Benefits of working from home
Types of work from home jobs
How to find work from home opportunities
Important skills to learn
Building your online portfolio
Networking online
Get your first paid client
Maintaining relationships with your clients

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