One Day Chess Mastery: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Chess in One Day (Unabridged) One Day Chess Mastery: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Chess in One Day (Unabridged)

One Day Chess Mastery: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Chess in One Day (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 5,99 €

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Learn the ins and outs of chess from the expert - Craig Santoro.

The ultimate guide to betting your friends, with tips, strategies, and much more!

The essential rules of chess are simple enough that they can be explained in a few sentences. The actual game, however, is a very deep strategy board game that has bestowed fame and fortune to great players that understand its roots and master the strategy. Are you already proficient in playing the game of chess? This book also touches on some of the habits that lead to losing and explains some important information that will benefit not just beginners, but experts as well. The easier road is ahead for newbies to the game as they can avoid bad habits and low self-confidence. By leaving what you already think of the game at the door, by the end of this book you will have a better understanding than most of your peers at the same chess table.

The truth is that for the beginning player there will be more defeat than victory, and breaking even means swallowing a bit of pride and walking away to fight for another day. In this book beginners and proficient players alike will learn some key strategies to a winning attack in chess, turning all of those losing positions into victory. By the end of this book you will not only be a good chess player, but a great one.

I have written this book because I have tremendous passion for the game. I believe this book you are about to hear is important because like you, I was once a beginner myself, learning how to play chess on the fly and picking up hints and tips as I moved along in my career. Even the best chess players in the world had to start from scratch before they could master the various movements on the chessboard.

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