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If you want to lose weight rapidly and have a healthy lifestyle effortlessly that helps you keep the weight off long-term, then keep reading....

Have you tried absolutely everything to lose weight, but nothing ever seems to work?

Have you tried diet after diet and eating plan after eating plan, but only end up disappointed or stuck in the harmful yo-yo dieting cycle?

Have you made a conscious effort to try and improve your eating habits but still can't get the results that you want, or, even worse, end up falling back into your old unhealthy habits?

This collection called Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women might just have the answers you are looking for.

Within this book, we will discuss how hypnosis can help you lose weight by controlling the underlying causes that might be affecting your food choices. Instead of focusing on quick fixes and hacks, hypnosis is actually proven to help change core issues and beliefs around weight loss to help make healthy living a natural lifestyle!

Each guided hypnosis session will help you retrain your brain and rewire your subconscious beliefs to, once and for all, kick your unhealthy eating habits and beliefs that have been holding you back, as well as installing new healthy beliefs that support long-term weight loss and health!

All you have to do is pick from the 10 hours of hypnosis that we’ve provided you, listen to it daily, and allow the results to take effect!

Here is some of what’s inside:

The 30-minute hypnosis to help prevent emotional eating
The secrets to building a lifetime of healthy eating habits
How to finally eat mindfully, and listen to your body when it is time to stop eating
Over 10 hours worth of guided hypnosis to help you supercharge your weight-loss journey
How to truly deal with your emotional eating by overcoming the root cause 

So, if you want over 10 hours’ worth of guided hypnosis to help you finally lose weight and actually keep it off, then scroll up and add it to your cart.

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