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Become a perfect lover!

Six manuscript in one book.

Master the sex!

Sex Life includes:

Transform Your Sex Life
Tantric Sex
Great Sex Guide
How to Talk Dirty
Sex Positions

How perfect is your sex life?

Does sex totally thrill you?

Do you achieve sexual satisfaction?

As a woman, how often do you reach orgasm?

Is your sex life behind closed door fun or do you reel from sexual dissatisfaction asd a result of lack of sexual adventure?

A satisfying sex life is important to most men and women. 

It is a chance to share a part of ourselves with someone that we don’t engage in with our other relationships. It is a way to express love, passion, and our animal instincts.

Learning about the body and the mind of your partner should intrigue you, and it should be a mystery as well. It should have many layers and branches for you to explore over time. You don’t want to be able to predict every move and know play-by-play what sex will be like with that person each time.

Inside this book, you will find that the comprehensive introduction to tantric sexuality offers a radically different and exciting new dimension to sex within a loving relationship.

Tantric Sex can transform your experience into a more sensual, loving, and fulfilling one.

In BDSM, you will educate yourself about BDSM an in what way it can be used as stress relief for some.

You will find numerous types of BDSM, whereby the intensity of pain may also differ. In some kinds of BDSM, the activities involve mild pain or none at all, while others involve serious pain.

In cases where the submissive person is experiencing intense pain, the are the ones who have some degree of control over the amount of pain they will take.

You will lean the following in this book:

How to connect totally with your partner during sex - How to add more spice to your sex life recommendations.
Preparing your body for tantric sex.
Different tantric sex positions and techniques.
Find out about 40 distinctive and welcoming positions for you to do with a partner, moreover as tips for fulfillment on ensuring the positions work for you.
Learn how to make love with different sex position.
Ways to reach orgasm.
Best oral sex position for men and women.
Powerful sex positions.
Sex positions for beginners.
Sexual capability.
Sex positions for advanced.
New sex positions and new ways that to play.
And much more…

If all of this sounds like your ideal book, then buy now and start listening.

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