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Berta and Javi are making plans for the weekend. They discuss various suggestions and finally make an arrangement via social media to meet their friends. The invitation spreads like wildfire, so that in the end hundreds come to the meeting point and things get completely out of hand. Afterwards, Berta and Javi consider how such situations could be avoided in future…
Another language topic deals with something very common: we provide tips and exercises for greeting people and saying goodbye correctly, both in informal and professional contexts.
2019 is the International Year of Indigenous Languages. Reason enough to take a look at the linguistic situation of the Maya, once the leading culture of Central America.
Speaking of culture, in Andalusian Cordoba the Moorish past is still visible and attracts large numbers of visitors every year. ECOS Spanish audio learning was also there.
And, of course, the Pérez family in Madrid is enjoying another adventure — this time, we learn that Roberto and Pepín are definitely not early risers.

Learn Spanish with "Ecos Audio"

Content: Audio downloads incl. a 28-page booklet with all spoken texts to read and bilingual glossary (PDF format), language: Spanish.

Listening and understanding is the best route to perfect Spanish. In around 60 minutes, the Spanish language training offers you interesting articles, interviews and background reports from the entire Spanish-speaking world. The texts are presented by native speakers. Whether different dialects or expressions - with ECOS Audio you will easily get to know the different facets of the Spanish language. In addition to original interviews and cultural tips, each audio download contains an extensive journalistic feature and a linguistic focus on Spanish grammar and Spanish vocabulary.

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