The Third Perspective The Third Perspective

The Third Perspective

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A transformative self-help guide, from one of the most exciting new thought leaders across the globe.

Africa Brooke is an internationally recognised consultant, accredited coach, public speaker and podcaster. Her 2021 open letter, 'Why I'm leaving the cult of wokeness', has been read and shared by more than 12 million people globally. Through her work, she has helped thousands of people, including many high-profile clients, who are struggling with personal and professional manifestations of self-sabotage and self-censorship.

The Third Perspective is Africa's transformative self-help framework to do the same for you - sharing her three-part process to move from self-censorship into mindful expression. You'll gain a pathway to open and stretch your mind and a new mode of seeing the world that allows for change and nuance.

A compass to a bolder, braver existence - The Third Perspective will enable us to build a set of authentic beliefs and enjoy a life of purpose, integrity, joy and confident communication, away from the shackles of binary thinking.

'A true rising star and a voice that demands attention. Africa is one of the sharpest thinkers on contemporary culture, using clear-headed compassion, she is a thought stimulator of the highest order' MATT HAIG

'Africa is a gifted thought leader who offers the medicine much-needed in our culture today. With her graceful guidance, we can all learn to own our voice, speak our minds and become authentic versions of ourselves' NICOLE LEPERA

'Wonderfully challenging, unapologetically honest and immeasurably wise, she's the brave necessary modern antidote for the unfortunate modern challenges our society faces.' STEVEN BARTLETT

'I'm not sure of anyone who embodies being true to oneself, exploring ideas with curiosity, and adventuring boldly into the world quite like Africa.' LUKE COOK

'Few speak so bravely and with such beautiful clarity on this subject that affects us all. I devour Brooke's work and instantly feel the benefits. It is crucial that these words are shared with the world' DR JULIE SMITH

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