Turiyattita - The Higher Consciousness Beyond Turiya: Awaken Your True Self and Uncover The Nature of Consciousness Through Yoga, The Upanishads, and Hindu Spirituality

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    • 13,99 €

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Tap into the true nature of consciousness and discover the secrets of Turiyatita.

Drawing on a collection of profound lessons from ancient Hindu sources, this incredible guide unlocks the path to Turiya and beyond, revealing how readers can tap into the fourth state of consciousness, gain greater awareness, and radically transform their view of the self.

Built on a foundation of modern psychology and lessons from the ancient Upanishads, Turiya and Turiyatita offers an illuminating exploration of the nature of awareness, uncovering the secrets of our minds and unveiling the mysteries that have puzzled scientists and philosophers for centuries.

With a collection of the major and minor Upanishads, as well as a detailed look at prana, sleep, and how you can cultivate wellbeing, this book seeks to help you create a life of health and spiritual fulfillment, aiding you on your journey to elevating your conscious awareness.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

Breaking Down The Four States of Consciousness

What Is Turiya – and How Can You Reach It?

The Surprising Things That Sleep Can Tell Us About Consciousness

Exploring Essential Hindu Concepts Including Atman and Maya

Profound Lessons About Consciousness From The Upanishads

And So Much More…

Perfect for anybody who’s curious about ancient Eastern spirituality and philosophy, Turiya and Turiyatita provides an enlightening and concise perspective on consciousness, helping readers of all ages and backgrounds on their journey to solving life’s greatest mysteries and discovering their unique place in it.

Are you ready to journey beyond Turiya? Then scroll up and grab your copy today.

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