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Are you ready to get a full set of tools to improve your skills in user experience, software development, and management approach?

In the idea of having a clear view of a business, no matter if it is a startup or a big company, starting from the process of product creations and development that allow achieving excellent results in short time, you MUST learn UX, DevOps and Lean and Agile Principles, a practical set of activities that are focused on understand user's needs, development's approach, and management’s abilities to provide positive experiences and reaching the best output. 

Adopting these principles and concepts will improve every business and product: a meaningful experience for the working team and for the final user that allows you to become a master in this field. 

This bundle of three books provides you a complete guide to understand and manage your business

Here some questions that you will find the answers to:

What are UX design and principles?
What is DevOps methodology?
What is the Lean and Agile approach?
How are they implementable into a company?
What are the benefits that they can generate?

Understanding which actions generate great experience for the user and how to implement them in your working process is the real value of the fundamentals of UX. Ensure that your design has the right strategies to be focused on the client's needs.

If you are looking for a complete guide in UX, DevOps and Lean and Agile in just a few hours, this book is for you. It has been created for beginners that are studying the different approach of UX development but also for designers and entrepreneurs that recognize these critical changes in the creations and fruition of contents.

What’s inside this bundle of three books:

Book 1: UX: Learn to Design Great Products for a Better User Experience

Introduction to UX 
Fundamentals of user experience design
Strategies to apply for a great user experience
Different UX approach (Lean UX versus Agile UX)
Bring your ideas to life with prototyping
Benefits of UX to your company

Book 2: DevOps: Building Software with Lean Process for Modern Business

Introduction to DevOps 
Capabilities of DevOps
The way cloud accelerates DevOps 
Solving challenges with DevOps
Agile, continuous deliver, and the three way
The principles of flow
The principles of feedback 
The principles of continual learning and experimentation
Selecting which value stream to start with
Understanding the work in our value system, making it visible, and expanding it across the organization

Book 3: Lean and Agile: How to Develop Successful Business and Startup Using Lean Approach and Agile Method

Crucial steps for a lean product
Why Lean UX? 
Difference between Lean concept and Agile
Collaborative design
Lean approach and thinking
Agile methodology

In simple words, after listening to these books, you should be able to start working on your project with a new and improved vision. 

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