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The plates go flying at your head. He kicked you in the shin again, or punched you in the face, or choked you, or slammed your head against the wall, or tried to drive you off the road again.

How much more can you take?

Are you going to stand there and let him hit you again?

Sometimes a narcissist hits you hard enough to kill you....

You might not care enough about yourself to stop yourself from being killed....

But what about maimed?

What about psychotic and locked in a mental ward?

What about schizophrenic till you don’t know which voices are yours?

What about neurotic while you pick at your skin or cut yourself till you bleed? 

What then? 


He broke your favorite laptop...or tablet...or phone...or he smashed your car into a guard rail. 

Look how he supposedly "lost control", but funny how all his own belongings are still intact.

Funny how he stands up in court with his grin on his face, completely calm, cool, and collected.

Where was that monster he pretended to be just yesterday?

Funny how he behaves at his friend’s house and at work when his boss gets on his case.

Imagine that; he does have some control after all.

He can help what he does; he simply chooses to terrorize you (and your children if you fell into the trap of doing that for him along with 2/3 of the household chores).

Get real. You ain’t laughing; but he is.

Let’s talk about monsters, shall we?

Which monster is hiding in your bed?

Which monster is hiding in your head?

Curious about which mental disorder the monster in your life has? Maybe he is on our list. And did you know his condition is genetic? We’ll cover that, too.

We’ll take you for a spin on the power and control wheel and the healthy relationship wheel to see how you fare and compare.

We’ll tell you the constellation of the six dimensions of wellness, and how you can get to wellness one baby step at a time.

You’ll have some more help by the time we are done.

Then I will let you off to your newfound freedom.

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Toby Sheets
h min
5 abril
J.B. Snow Publishing