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The 1040 Exam Prep is a simple, practical, and affordable set of study materials that allows you to optimize your time and effort in preparing for the Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP) competency examination.

Nearly all taxpayers have a professional tax return preparer in whom they trust to prepare their return. IRS statistics show that over 80% of all federal individual income tax returns for 2007/8 were prepared by paid tax return preparers or by taxpayers using some sort of consumer tax preparation software. Beginning in the Fall-2011, many of those tax return preparers who are not attorneys and/or certified public accountants, or registered agents, must take a competency examination if they want to continue preparing federal tax returns for a fee.

The 1040 Exam Prep e-books can help candidates planning to take the RTRP Competency Examination to prepare for the exam by providing the material they need to review in several formats that meet their unique preferences and convenience.

The 1040 Exam Prep is a comprehensive, effective and practical set of study materials that include e-Books, slide presentations, mind-maps, and mp3 recordings, designed to help you review quickly, grasp and retain the concepts you need to know in preparation for the RTRP competency exam. The 1040 Exam Prep material:

•Empowers the exam candidates in their review with bite-size manuals and visual aids.

•Builds a strong knowledge foundation, confidence, and stamina to succeed in the exam room.

•Allows you to review no more than what you need to know for the exam. The tax law is huge; you don’t want to over-prepare.

Practical, simple and affordable, the 1040 Exam Prep Study Guide for Tax Preparers will require little extra effort on your part to search for and analyze complex tax laws and regulations, because we have done that for you and we have summarized what you need to know, to help you pass the exam.

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Norma Wahnon

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