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This book explains how to distance learn for the ATPL theory exams using the 2nd edition of our Padpilot books.

2nd edition books are written to comply with the new EASA syllabus, which has examinations starting this year (2020).  

Many of you reading this may already be enrolled with an approved training organisation (ATO) which uses our books. Others may have decided to do some pre-course study in slower time before committing to training with an ATO. Whichever type of distance learner you are, this book explains how to distance learn, and how our books are designed and set out to help you get the most from the course.

Aside from the disadvantage that your pre-course hours don’t count towards your statutory study hours, there are some very good reasons for pre-coursing.

The ATPL theory syllabus is substantial, many students struggle to assimilate the large volume of information within the time they’ve allowed themselves. The problem becomes more acute after you’ve attempted your first set of exams because then the 18-month clock has started running. 

Pre-coursing allows you to study all the subjects in slow time, including our foundation course which gives you the essential maths and physics required to understand many of the concepts in the main course.

Padpilot books are written with no assumed knowledge and we have taken great care to explain everything as clearly and simply as possible, so pre-coursing is entirely possible and beneficial for most individuals.

When the aviation industry is booming, the pressure is really on to complete your course as quickly as possible. This can make the ATPL theory phase very stressful. Unfortunately many students try to complete their theory studies in an unrealistically short time frame. While some bright sparks can get it done in 6 months, most of us need a lot longer! 

Studying while the industry is in recession means that the pressure is off. You can take your time and pace your studies to plan for licence completion at the point where pilot recruiting begins to pick up again.

About Padpilot

Padpilot is the publishing imprint of Padpilot Ltd, a UK publishing house which specialises exclusively in pilot education materials. Our books, workbooks and classroom materials are used across the world by airlines, approved training organisations and even individual students struggling with other materials they’re asked to work with. We are proud to say that some of the largest pilot training organisations in the world use our books exclusively for their ATPL(A) trainees.

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