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The wages of sin rock the glamorous world of high-end real estate — gripping and fast-paced!– Anne Cleeland, author of The Doyle & Acton Scotland Yard Series

There is something for everyone to relate to in this story. I was especially taken with how deftly the author took an all-too-common marital dilemma and challenged my knee-jerk reaction. A thoroughly enjoyable read that landed me firmly in the rapidly growing Greta Boris fan club! – Amazon Top 1,000 Reviewer

Ms. Boris is an immensely talented writer who seamlessly weaves a plot that pulls you in from the start. The character development was a key part of how much I enjoyed the story. –Brooke Blogs

The good news: An ambitious real estate agent acquires a multi-million dollar, beach front listing. The bad news: There’s something hidden in the basement and a corpse upstairs.

Gwen Bishop, wife, mother, and struggling real estate agent, has two big fears: claustrophobia and being buried in suburban obscurity. When she signs her dream listing, a multi-million dollar beachfront property in Laguna Beach, California, she’s sure her problems are behind her. And they would be, if it wasn’t for the secret in the basement and the body in an upstairs bedroom.
When the crime scene tape comes down, Gwen enlists the aid of a handsome co-worker with a background in construction to help her ready the house for sale and bolster her flagging courage. But every time they’re ready to put it back on the market, something goes horribly wrong. Gwen must face old fears and new ones, temptations and buried truths, if she’s going to survive.

Misterio y suspense
13 junio

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