A Werewolf Jock for the New Year

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The last thing I expected this New Year's Eve was to find out that my college's (sexy) linebacker is a werewolf.

At my first-ever college party, I make the mistake of getting way too drunk. While intoxicated, I meet Tom Zhou, our school's linebacker. The (sexy) football player is out of my league, but it seems like he's into me (though that just might be the booze talking). Just as I think he's about to kiss me, I get the sudden urge to puke. Luckily, I manage to run outside before I can vomit on his expensive sneakers. But talk about killing the mood.

My relief is short-lived, however, because I come across a freaking coyote.

Just as I think I'm about to get eaten, a wolf(!) saves me. And when I believe things can't get any more nuts, the wolf transforms into a very naked Tom Zhou…

Get ready for the new year with this sweet and sexy short story containing cavity-inducing instalove, a hot werewolf, and a happy ending! Part of Romance Books You Should Be Reading: The Holiday Collection, a collaboration between your favorite authors of paranormal and scifi romance!


Tom grins. Christ, he's so good-looking.
After we've walked around the whole frat house, he says, "I don't see a Nickelback t-shirt anywhere. Did your friend leave the party without telling you?"
Before I can answer, my phone vibrates. I check it and see that Taylor is calling me. I answer, bracing myself for her anger. 
"WHERE THE H*LL ARE YOU?" she shouts. "Wait, I think I see you...is that hot football player carrying you?!"
I hope Tom can't hear Taylor, but judging by the smirk on his face, I think he can totally hear her. "Yes," I say, flushing.
"Do I need to save you or are you in good hands?" 
"She's in good hands," Tom answers for me.
My blush deepens. "I'm good," I tell Taylor. "Thanks for checking up on me."
"Can I go home without having to worry about seeing your dead face on the evening news tomorrow?" she asks.
"Does your friend think I'm a serial killer?" Tom asks.
My face has to be so red. "Yeah, you can go home," I say. "I'll get on a shuttle once I sober up."
"Are you sure?"
"Okay. You better not haunt me if the hot football player ends up murdering you."
Tom whispers into my ear, "You're safe with me."
My dumb heart is doing somersaults in my chest.

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